LKCM Headwater Investments
LKCM Headwater Investments

Partnering with management to build exceptional companies

About LKCM Headwater Investments

LKCM Headwater Investments is a Texas-based private investment partnership that seeks to partner with management teams to build highly successful companies. We take an operationally-minded approach and provide companies with the tools necessary to build market leaders with sustainable competitive advantages. Our investment discipline is derived from several decades of investing capital for ourselves and our partners. LKCM, our investment team, affiliates and related parties  collectively represent approximately 30% of our committed capital, demonstrating both a passion for and belief in our efforts. 

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Portfolio Spotlight

Golden State Medical Supply, Inc.


Golden State Medical Supply, Inc. is a generic pharmaceutical distributor that seeks to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to regulatory compliance and patient safety.  Through a collaborative partnership with IBM and successful integration of RFID technology, each repackaged bottle is serialized and then tracked from the point of production to the final delivery to the patient.