LKCM Headwater Investments
LKCM Headwater Investments

Partnering with management to build exceptional companies

About LKCM Headwater Investments

LKCM Headwater Investments is a Texas-based private equity firm that seeks to partner with management teams to build highly successful companies. We take an operationally-minded approach and provide companies with the tools necessary to build market leaders with sustainable competitive advantages. Our investment discipline is derived from several decades of investing capital for ourselves and our partners. LKCM, our investment team, affiliates and related parties  collectively represent over 30% of our committed capital, demonstrating both a passion for and belief in our efforts. 

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Founded in 1979, LKCM provides investment management services to high net worth individuals, foundations, endowments, investment companies, pension and profit-sharing plans, trusts and estates, among other organizations.



A family of mutual funds that includes the LKCM Small Cap Equity Fund, LKCM Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund, LKCM Equity Fund, LKCM Balanced Fund, and LKCM Fixed Income Fund.