Investment Overview

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Investment Approach

While capital can not differentiate us, our approach as partners can.  Our perspective, experience, resources, and relationships give us a well-informed, value-added approach to investing.
  • Owner's Perspective.   We are the largest collective investor in our partnerships -- our firm, partners, affiliates and related persons account for approximately 30% of the capital committed to and invested by our partnerships.  We have intentionally aligned our incentives with our outside partners, encouraging prudent stewardship and capital preservation while working towards return maximization.  We are also keenly focused on aligning our management teams' interests with our own.
  • Historical Context.  LKCM was founded in 1979 and has experienced many economic cycles.  The firm and its principals have also been investing in private equity for over 30 years.  This long institutional investment history in both public and private markets, combined with breadth of experience of the professional staff,  shapes our investment philosophy, helping us effectively manage market cycles.
  • Well-Resourced Partners.  We are supportive partners to our portfolio companies and have significant value-added resources:
    • LKCM Headwater Investments leverages LKCM’s highly regarded, in-house proprietary research analysts, many of whom are sector focused and have over a decade in their respective industries. 
    • Our investor base includes several families with long-standing relationships and historical investments across multiple industries.
    • We are constantly cultivating a stable of operating partners and directors with expertise and demonstrated success in a variety of our targeted industries. 
  • Values Conscious.  The firm promotes a culture of strong values and community orientation.  Our investment team shares this common set of core values whereby we remain active, value-added partners who consistently strive to be ethical, honest, trustworthy and resourceful partners.